• BCN3D+ 3D Printer

Product Description

Print almost any piece you can think of in a high level of quality using our BCN3D+, an open source modular printer designed and developed by BCN3D Technologies and thought for covering the needs of both expert and novice profiles.

If you want to, you can get your BCN3D+ in kit format, namely, ready for a manual assembling. The kit includes all the tools and material you will need to put together your machine prepared and classified, in order to avoid difficult or confusing operations.


Print in any material available

The BCN3D+ has a hot bed, which allows it to print in any available 3D material known in the market -such as PLA, ABS, Nylon, Filaflex, etc.-, because its hot printing surface permits the perfect adhesion of those materials assuring the quality of the piece.


Physical dimensions

480mm x 480mm x 455mm

Shipping packaging dimensions

600mm x 560mm x 580mm

Shipping package weight


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BCN3D+ 3D Printer

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